What is Rideshare?

Rideshareis the new ridesharing service from GoCatch, Australia’s leading taxi booking app. Since our inception in 2011, we’ve built up a loyal database of 300,000 passengers, and currently process over 100,000 rides a month nationwide. We are proud to be an Australian company providing much needed choice in an industry that has been heavily monopolised.

When you need a ride, simply open the GoCatch app and request a Rideshare. Our stringent standards mean that only the best drivers and vehicles get on the road.


How do I use Rideshare?

To use Rideshare as a passenger, you will need the latest GoCatch app, which is available for FREE download from your mobile app store here. 

GoCatch is currently available on iPhone (iOS 7 or newer) and Android (Jelly Bean or newer). 

Once you’ve downloaded the GoCatch app: 

  1. Open the app
  2. On the home screen, slide left across 'Rideshare' on the slider
  3. Ensure your pick-up location is correct and hit 'Next' (entering your destination is optional)
  4. On the next screen confirm your payment details, insert any notes to the driver, and hit ‘Request Rideshare’


Your job will be sent to the nearest available Rideshare driver.

Within minutes, your authorised Rideshare driver and vehicle will arrive.

When you’re at your destination, pay for your ride in-app.

It's as simple as that!

How old must I be to use Rideshare?

You must be at least 18 years of age to use Rideshare.


What areas does Rideshare service?

Rideshare will initially be servicing the Inner West, Eastern Suburbs and Sydney CBD only. This means that drivers will only pick up passengers within these areas, but can drop them off in suburbs outside the initial three core areas.

We are focused on optimising the service for both drivers and passengers in these areas before expanding the Rideshare  service to other Sydney locations.




Is there any way for me to get an estimate of my fare before my trip?

Yes. When you enter your destination into the app, a fare estimate will be shown. Your Rideshare  driver will not be able to view your destination.


How do I pay for my trip?

Our completely cashless payment system means all fares will be paid in-app. Our payment options include PayPal, MasterCard, VISA, American Express and Diner’s Club. A receipt will be sent to your email upon completed payment of your trip.


Are tolls included in my fare?

Yes. If the driver passes through a toll at any time during your trip, it will be automatically added to your fare.`


Is there a credit card surcharge?

No. All passenger payments are to be made in-app using either PayPal or a designated credit card. There is no surcharge on all Rideshare  payments.


Can I book in advance in-app or through your website?

No. All passengers requiring a Rideshare will need to request a vehicle through the GoCatch mobile passenger app. The app will send your job to the nearest available driver, which should not take more than a few minutes. There is no option to book a Rideshare in advance at this stage.


Can I add more than one credit card in my account?

Yes, you can add as many credit card details in app under the “Account” menu. This is particularly handy if you wish to enter both your personal and business credit card details.


Are there any incentives for referring other passengers to use Rideshare?

Yes. When you refer a friend, they will receive $10 off their first ride and $5 will be credited to your account after they take their first trip. Your friend must enter your unique referral code (found in-app under the “Share” menu) when signing up in-app in order for both parties to receive the referral credit.


How can I be sure that my details are kept secured?

GoCatch never stores any passenger credit card details on our system. We only receive a presentation string that contains only the first 5 and last 4 digits of the credit card number. All credit card payments are handled by eWAY, a PCI Tier 1 compliant system that ensures safe and secure credit card payments online.


Will I incur an extra fee if I have luggage?

No, there is no extra charge for passengers with luggage. You must, however, include this information in the “Notes to driver” section before you request your Rideshare.


I will be taking a trip with 5 friends. Will I be able to book with Rideshare?

Each Rideshare vehicle can only fit 4 passengers. You are more than welcome to request another GoCar vehicle using a different GoCatch account to accommodate the amount of passengers that require transport.


Can I use my TTSS (Taxi Transport Subsidy Scheme) in paying the fare?

No. All Rideshare payments must be made in-app through PayPal or credit card. For more information on the TTSS, click here.



How does the driver and passenger rating system work?

Rideshare has a two-way rating system in place to ensure a consistently positive experience for both our drivers and passengers. At the end of each trip, after payment has been processed, both driver and passenger are prompted to rate one another.


A “Thumbs Up” rating means a satisfactory experience, while “Thumbs Down” signifies an unsatisfactory experience. If either party gives a “Thumbs Down” rating, there is space on the next screen to provide additional comments to explain the rating and provide feedback. GoCatch will investigate all negative ratings from both drivers and passengers to maintain our high standard of service.

To ensure both parties receive a positive experience, please ensure you are respectful and courteous towards one another.



As a passenger, what assurances do I have that the driver has an insurance policy when riding in a Rideshare?

GoCatch has arranged an umbrella insurance policy that covers liability arising from third party bodily injury or property in the event that your Rideshare driver’s personal motor vehicle insurance does not cover these two things. Our insurance coverage begins the moment a driver accepts a job until the time you are delivered to your destination.



Can I choose which driver will pick me up?

No. The driver who is located nearest to you and is in the best position to collect you will be sent your job. This ensures you get picked up as quickly as possible.

How can I identify who my driver is?

Your driver’s vehicle number plate will show up on screen, so you can easily identify their vehicle on the road.

I’ve forgotten something in my Rideshare. What do I do?

When using Rideshare, drivers and passengers can view each other’s contact numbers. This comes in handy if you forget something in your Rideshare.

You can call your Ridehshare driver back and arrange a suitable time to collect your forgotten item. Otherwise, simply email our support team at with your trip details and we will be happy to assist.


I have a disability. Can I still use Rideshare? Will there be any wheelchair-assisted cars?

At this stage, Rideshare does not have wheelchair-assisted vehicles available. Accessible transport is available if you switch to “Taxi” on the slider and request a wheelchair-assisted vehicle.

Am I allowed to bring a pet on my Rideshare ride?

If you are travelling with a registered service animal (such as a guide dog), then all drivers by law are required to transport you and your service animal. If you are bringing a personal pet, it is ultimately at the discretion of your driver to decide whether they will accommodate your pet. We recommend calling your driver as soon as your Rideshare request is confirmed, in order to make arrangements, and include this information in the trip notes.



How is Rideshare different to Uber?

Rideshare is different to Uber as we do not have price surging. Our standard peak and off-peak pricing means that passengers know the rates they will pay upfront, and will never experience fare shock ever again. Read up on our fare pricing here. Furthermore, we are a proudly Australian company providing much needed competition in a monopolised industry.

How is Rideshare different to a taxi?

Rideshare is different from a taxi in that you are transported by an authorised Rideshare driver in a Rideshare approved vehicle, instead of by a registered taxi driver and vehicle. We have stringent driver and vehicle standards in place to ensure a superior customer service experience for passengers every time they travel with us.

I would like to promote Rideshare in my area. How can I do that?

Thank you for wanting to promote Rideshare to your social circle! Word-of-mouth combined with social media can be a powerful tool in spreading a message in this modern age. If you are happy with our service, please share it with your friends in person and via social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram etc. The more the merrier!

Does this mean GoCatch is no longer supporting taxi drivers?

No, quite the opposite. Towards the end of 2015, the NSW and ACT state governments legalised ridesharing in their respective states. GoCatch saw this as an opportunity to give our passengers what they have been asking for: a reliable, low cost and all-Australian ridesharing alternative that safely gets them from A to B.


Our expansion into ridesharing will allow us to continue providing passengers with choice. We strongly believe more work will be available to our valued base of taxi drivers, as more and more passengers turn to GoCatch as their one stop taxi and ridesharing booking app. There is significant evidence that much of the ridesharing demand will often overflow into taxi demand, offering more work for everybody.


In addition, taxi drivers with a positive GoCatch ratings history who also meet our driver and vehicle requirements, will be warmly welcomed over as Rideshare drivers, if they wish to take advantage of the significant flexibility and earnings that come with this option.


Isn't ridesharing Illegal?

No. As at December 2015, ridesharing was legal in Canberra and NSW. You can read more about the regulatory and structural changes to the ridesharing industry in Australia here.

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