Fares & Payments

How much will I make from each fare?

GoCatch collects a 15% commission from each Rideshare fare. The amount you see displayed on your screen at the end of each trip is the amount that you have earned.


The Rideshare passenger fare equation is:

Base rate + (cost per minute x time in ride) + (cost per km x ride distance) =

passenger fare


Our fares are divided between peak and off-peak pricing.


Is there surge pricing?

No, we do not have surge pricing. We have standardised peak and off-peak pricing, which means you can earn more when driving during our peak times. Plus, our lower commission rate of 15% means you’ll earn more per fare.


Are tolls being automatically calculated in the fares?

Yes, tolls are automatically calculated in the passenger’s final fare, in-app. Out of courtesy, please ask the passenger if they agree to paying the toll before taking the route.



How much will I approximately earn daily or weekly?

The amount of money you earn depends on a few factors: how many hours you are driving, whether you’re working during peak hours, and the amount of passenger demand at any given time.


I have not received a payment / I am missing a payment. What do I do?

GoCatch transfers your earnings into your nominated bank account weekly. The time it takes for your payment to appear in your account will depend on your bank. If your GoCatch payments do not show up in your account after 3 business days from payment date, please contact our support team at for assistance.


How do I update my bank account details?

You can easily update your bank account details in-app using GoCatch Driver. To update your bank account details, simply select “Accounts” under the main menu.



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