New South Wales Drivers

What documentation do I need to start driving?

  • Vehicle Insurance
    Please provide a full copy of your valid Third Party Property (Fire and Theft), Third Party Property Damage, or Comprehensive vehicle insurance certificate. CTP is not adequate vehicle insurance.

    The document must have your name printed as the policy holder or nominated driver, and it must display the vehicle’s registration number, details, type of cover, and a future expiry date.

    NOTE: The document is often called a ‘Certificate of Currency’ or ‘Certificate of Insurance’.
  • Profile Photo
    Please provide a recent, clear and well-lit image of yourself. Your photo will allow passengers to easily identify you, so make sure you smile and dress smart.

When are the peak hours?

The graphic below shows the peak periods when most passengers are on their daily commute to and from work, or are going out on the weekend.  

The evening peak times also apply to the night before a Public Holiday. All other hours are classified and charged as off-peak.

How do fares get calculated?


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