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Are Rideshare drivers able to choose which trip they would like to accept?

No. You will receive a job if you are located nearest to, and are in the best position to pick up the passenger requesting the trip. You will not see their destination until you physically collect them or if the passenger verbally advises you on where they’d like to go.


I feel like my passenger is suspicious, how do I report them?

If you encounter a passenger whom you feel is displaying suspicious behaviour, please send through details of the incident to and our support team will follow up.


What happens if my passenger refuses to wear a seatbelt?

It is the driver’s responsibility to ensure all passengers in the vehicle wear a seat belt. Please firmly let your passenger know that wearing a seatbelt is a legal requirement of using the Rideshare service.


What protection do Rideshare drivers have against runners?

All GoCatch passengers must link a nominated payment method to their account upon sign up. This can be a Paypal account or a nominated credit card. This ensures that drivers will receive payment from each passenger they collect.


A passenger forgot an item in my car, how can I return it to them?

As you will be able to view your passenger’s mobile number in-app, you can call them back to arrange a time to return the item. Otherwise, email our support team at and they will gladly assist.


Will passengers incur a fee for extra luggage?

No, passengers will not be charged for extra luggage. The passenger will need to inform the Rideshare driver of extra luggage in the “Notes to driver” section before putting through their request.


Can passengers pay outside of the app? Can Rideshare drivers accept cash or other payment options?

No. All Rideshare payments are cashless. Passengers can pay through the app only, and drivers must not accept payment through any other means.

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