GoCatch Code of Conduct

We are delighted to welcome you to the GoCatch family!  Please keep in mind the following important points when driving for GoCatch:
Reliability: Always collect the Passenger. Failing to collect often results in Passengers ceasing to use our service. Note: GoCatch does NOT have a ‘Recall’ feature.  We understand that Passenger abandons and/or no shows are also a problem for Drivers.  We encourage you to give a “Thumbs Down” rating to these Passengers, in order that we know when to take action.
Safety: Driver and Passenger safety is extremely important to GoCatch.  Accordingly, GoCatch does not tolerate Rude, abusive or aggressive behaviour by Drivers or Passengers and any such behaviour will result in immediate removal.
Service: The Quality of service a Driver provides to a Passenger is a key factor in whether the Passenger will continue to use the service.  A survey of Passengers confirmed the following as great service from a Driver and will help to ensure you always receive a “Thumbs up”:
  • Offering passengers a choice of music and temperature
  • Assisting travellers with their luggage
  • Allowing a few minutes after the agreed pickup time before starting the meter
  • Thanking Passenger for travelling with you
Passengers identified the following as examples of poor service:
  • Dangerous driving; such as speeding or texting when driving
  • Having mobile phone conversations
  • Refusing to enter the destination into a GPS device
  • Foul language
  • Eating or smoking when a passenger is in the taxi
  • Inappropriate comments or conversations (particularly towards female Passengers)
Payment: Always ask the Passenger if they wish to pay via the app and always be careful not to overcharge.
Please note that GoCatch no longer applies a 3 strikes policy and any serious breach of the Code of Conduct will likely result in the suspension or permanent blocking of your account.
Only by establishing a relationship of mutual trust and understanding, can we grow this great Australian business together and help to ensure your future income and prosperity!
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