How do I earn more GoPoints?

Don't know what goPoints are? Click this link: What are GoPoints?


  • Always typing the fare in after tapping delivered. When passengers accept payments on the app, add more points ontop! (You won't receive points if you don't enter the fare and send this to the passenger)
  • Only accept a job you definitely intend to collect

  • After accepting, call the customer to confirm their pickup address and ensure they're happy to wait for you to arrive. Then tell the passenger not to tap ‘Collected’ until you advise them to do so.

  • At the start of the trip, let passengers know they can pay in the GoCatch app

  • Earn 2,000 bonus goPoints by verifying your account. To do this make sure you have provided each of the details listed below and then email our support team at


Menu Section
Name, Mobile, Email Profile
Bank Account Name, BSB, Account Number, ABN Account
Driver Authority/ID number, Driver's License Photo, Driver Authority/ID Photo Validation


For instructions on how to get validated:

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