What are GoPoints?

GoPoints is a points system that rewards drivers for doing the right thing while using GoCatch. You get GoPoints when you complete jobs. The more jobs you do, the more GoPoints you get. When you get enough GoPoints, you are upgraded to the next level and unlock access to better jobs, more frequently. There are four levels; Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.


At the top of the map screen, you can see your current GoPoints balance, status level, and the number of GoPoints required to reach the next level. If you tap on the GoPoints bar, you’ll be able to see more information.


When a job appears, tap on the job to see the details. At the top of the screen, you’ll be able to see how many points you’ll earn for accepting and completing the job.


Can I lose GoPoints?

You can lose GoPoints for the following reasons:

  • Abandoning a GoCatch job
  • Misuse of the app

After accepting a job, if you abandon the job, you will lose GoPoints immediately.

The following reasons for abandoning a job are unacceptable:

  • You saw a better job
  • A hail passenger jumped in your taxi
  • You did not read the 'Instructions' properly
  • You did not read the Pickup and/or Destination properly

If you do this often your status will be downgraded one level.

For example, if you are a Silver Driver and you abandon too many jobs, you will be downgraded to Bronze status.


Driver Ranks


Required Points: 0
Your account is pending for activation




Required Points: 150
Priority over Unranked drivers




Required Points: 1000
Priority over Bronze and Unranked drivers




Required Points: 5000
Priority over Silver, Bronze and Unranked drivers




Required Points: 20000
Priority over Gold, Silver, Bronze and Unranked

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