Payment Safety & Pre-Authorisation


What is a Payment Pre-Authorisation Hold?

For added payment security, GoCatch now pre-authorises your payment method before every trip you request, for the estimated fare amount to ensure funds are available to pay for your trip.

GoCatch will place a temporary pre-authorisation hold on your selected payment method. The hold you will see on your bank account are called ‘uncaptured holds’, which have a pending status.

When you reach your destination, this hold is released and the final amount is charged to your selected payment method. This hold transaction should be released from your payment method shortly. If the trip is cancelled before collection by you or the driver, the hold will also be released. Note: Credit card holds are normally released within 1 hour, and Debit card holds may take 2-5 business days to be released.

If a pre-authorisation hold is declined, you will need to add a new payment method before requesting a GoCatch.

If you would like to confirm or enquire about a specific transaction on your statement, please contact your bank or financial institution directly.


Payment Safety

Your payment details stored with GoCatch are secure and encrypted.

We have partnered with PayPal and the National Australia Bank to ensure that your payment security is guaranteed.

We don't store (or see) your credit card details or PayPal credentials.



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