How to pay for a ride with goCatch?

Paying through Credit Card

1. You first need to register your credit card by going to the ‘Account’ section in the app and either scanning or manually add your credit card details.


 Paying through PayPal

1. At your destination, select ‘PayPal’ at the top of payment screen


2. Then select the yellow ‘Pay with Paypal ‘ button on the bottom of the screen.


3. You will now see the Paypal screen and will need to click on Log In.


4. You will now see the Paypal login screen and will need to enter your valid Paypal email account and password.


5. Then click the ‘Send Payment’ button to confirm payment to the driver.


Once payment is confirmed , you will receive a payment confirmation for the amount paid.


NOTE : If your driver refuses to accept your payment in the goCatch app, please tap 'Report Driver' or send a feedback by tapping on "Help" then "Contact Us"


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