Advance Booking Terms & Conditions

Minimum fare for an Advance Booking is $20.00. If the total fare at the end of a journey is below $20.00, the total fare will be rounded up to $20.00. Advance Bookings can be made from 1 hour to 12 months in Advance. Passengers are able to cancel an Advance Booking at any point, and not incur a $10.00 cancellation fee – only if the job is yet to be accepted by a driver. Once an Advance Booking has been accepted by a driver, cancelling the request will result in an $10.00 cancellation fee. To change Advance Booking information such as pick up address, drop off address, date and/or time will require passengers to cancel and re-submit their booking request, subject to a cancellation fee if a driver has already accepted the booking. Our Support Team has full discretion on whether to apply a cancellation fee or not. If you feel you were unfairly charged, provide a brief explanation of the issue to and our Support Team can then get in touch with you to further investigate the problem and seek out a resolution.

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