What are Advance Bookings?

Advance Bookings enable GoCatch passengers to schedule a vehicle for a later time. Whether it be getting to a meeting or to the airport for a flight, passengers can now book a vehicle of their choice to get from A to B.

Bookings can be made between 1 hour from pickup time, up to 12 months in advance and expand across all vehicle offerings: GoCatch Economy, Taxi, Maxi & Premium.

Advance Bookings also enables GoCatch drivers to plan their weekly schedule, allowing them to take control of their daily routine and earn more on the road.  

Your GoPoints and Status give you priority access to Advance Bookings, so look out for jobs with high GoPoints. The more jobs you accept, the more GoPoints you’ll receive.

Make sure you confirm your Advance Booking in the GoCatch app 30MIN before the pickup.

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